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Much more than a factory

Discover our commitment to sustainability and the environment as a manufacturer of ECO vitrified steel, from our facilities in Cantabria, Spain.

Broaden horizons in your kitchen

Versatility for your day to day

Cooking with the new Vitrinor Dutch Oven will allow you to broaden your kitchen horizons thanks to the versatility of a well-known product in international cuisine. It is similar to a casserole (or pie pan) although it has a thermometer in its front part that allows us to know the temperature in real time of what we are cooking (except if we use it in the oven, in that case the temperature must be taken into account). thermostat of the oven itself).

The first time it is to be used, it must be washed and rinsed with plenty of water and then dried well. Next, we condition the non-stick surface with a thin layer of oil.

To wash the piece, the only thing required is a soft sponge and hot water, not being able to use metal scouring pads or harsh products. It is vital to avoid the use of sharp objects.