Vitrinor, cookware manufacturer

VITRINOR, Vitrificados del Norte S.A.L., is a Spanish company created in 1985 and located in the former MAGEFESA factory in Guriezo (Cantabria, Spain), spread over 24,000 square metres.

VITRINOR manufactures non-stick vitrified enamelled steel and aluminium cookware, distributing these products exclusively with the MAGEFESA brand throughout the EU and in other international markets. It also sells VITRINOR stainless steel cookwarepressure cookers and coffee-makers.

VITRINOR employs 400 people and has extensive experience in the cookware manufacturing industry, thanks to its previous ties with the MAGEFESA group for over 25 years (1968-1994).

VITRINOR is an industry leader in the manufacture of non-stick vitrified enamelled steel. Its production capacity stands at 48,000 units a day, giving an annual production of 10 million units.

VITRINOR has developed an ambitious Investment Plan with the goal of modernising its facilities, allowing it to increase production capacity, reduce manufacturing costs, increase the flexibility of production processes and improve product quality.

VITRINOR has an R&D/Innovation Department that develops its vocation to innovate and enhance its products, facilitating the launch of new models characterised by their design and high quality.

VITRINOR has a wide range of cookware products to cater to all tastes and market trends, offering outstanding value for money and with the support and confidence of the “Made in Spain” guarantee. VITRINOR products are tailored to the characteristics of each country or continent, from the exoticism of the Far East and the traditions of Europe, to the flavours of Latin America, the originality of American cooking, and the essence of Africa.

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