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Ideal Temperature

More efficient cooking with iTemp by Vitrinor

Innovative temperature indicator to save on your electricity bill.

At Vitrinor we have incorporated a great new feature into our frying pans that allows you to save money in your day-to-day cooking. The new ITemp indicator, which is ready and easy to use, will allow you to cook at the ideal temperature like a real chef. When you cook, just watch how it changes colour when it reaches the ideal temperature, around 170º.

To guarantee the best results with our Vitrinor frying pans, we recommend using medium power. They heat faster than other materials and allow you to save money.

The characteristics of our ECO vitrified steel in combination with the iTemp technology developed by Vitrinor achieve up to 50% energy savings, making it the most efficient kitchenware product on the market today.

Thanks to iTemp you will cook more efficiently and you will also help to take care of your planet. With iTemp by Vitrinor you reduce your carbon footprint and the environmental impact of your energy consumption.




Cooks at the
ideal temperature


This indicator is ready to use. Just watch it and you will see how it changes colour at the ideal temperature, 170ºC.


Save on your electricity bill


Our eco enamelled steel frying pans heat up faster than those made of other materials. Therefore, the most efficient way to use them is at medium power. You can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%.


Reduces the
carbon footprint


Thanks to iTemp by Vitrinor you will be contributing to improving the planet. By saving energy you will also reduce your environmental impact.

Save every day

If you want to cook tasty and healthy food with your iTemp, go to our "Cooking" section and discover lots of recipes to take care of yourself!