This is the new HYGITECH technology for hygienic enamel

Scientifically proven, the applied HYGITECH technology joins the enamel's high firing temperatures above 830º giving efficiency and durability and guaranteeing antibacterial function for the duration of the piece.

Vitrinor works promoting innovation and improvement of materials. We have developed HYGITECH technology to achieve one of the most effective hygienic enamels on the market.

The applied HYGITECH Technology, by Vitrinor, inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The main component is a broad spectrum and multispecific antimicrobial agent, whose activity has been proven against a wide variety of opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) such as E. coli, S. aureus.

The treatment is applied in its manufacturing process before the enamelling process. The system HYGITECH, combined with enamel firing temperatures above 830 ºC, creates a strong synergy between both materials, giving efficiency and durability and guaranteeing antibacterial function for the useful life of the kitchenware.

This technology, which achieves a 99% reduction in bacteria, have been developed and defined by Vitrinor's R&D+i team in collaboration with world-class suppliers in the field of enamels in order to guarantee the highest quality standards in all our products.

Scientifically proven

The tests have been developed not only in the laboratories that Vitrinor has in its facilities located in Guriezo (Cantabria) where all its vitrified steel products are manufactured, but they have also been tested at the Aitex Technological Institute (Textile Research Institute) that has ratified the results, certifying its antibacterial efficacy.

These tests are determined under the standard protocol on antimicrobial effectiveness of Standard JIS Z-2801: 2010 (ISO 22196). The results obtained between the treated sample and the control sample are compared, after the determined contact time (24 hours at an optimal temperature for the growth of the selected microorganism) and subsequent cultivation. This is how the antimicrobial activity value is tested, which shows a 99% reduction in bacteria.

These results demonstrate Vitrinor's effort to put a high-quality product on the market exclusively designed to improve the life of our customers.