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martes, 20 de diciembre de 2022

Save up to 30€ a year cooking with up to 50% less energy with Vitrinor's eco- enamelled steel!

Heat your frying pan twice as fast and cook the best recipes while saving energy thanks to the features of the eco-enamelled steel.. Try it for yourself at home!

There are small actions that can help you to save money in your daily life. At Vitrinor, we contribute to saving while cooking the best recipes. Start saving on your electric energy bill!

Thanks to the research carried out in our factory in Guriezo, in Cantabria, we have created a material that allows you to save energy: eco-enamelled steel.

All the materials used, whether aluminium or stainless steel, require diffuser bottoms or magnetic metal discs to work on induction or ceramic hobs. That means it is first necessary to heat the magnetic material, which heats the body but slows down the heating process and requires more energy.

How does eco-enamelled steel save energy and money?

Eco-enamelled steel enables up to twice as fast heating thanks to its superior electrical catch-up and direct energy transfer.

When using eco-enamelled steel cookware, you can warm your cookware up to twice as fast. Thanks to its qualities, we get the cooking point earlier than if we do it with other types of material, such as aluminium or stainless steel, at the same power.

However, the most efficient way to use your eco-enamelled steel cookware is at medium power, so you will save up to 50% of energy without wasting time and extend the life of your cookware, reducing your energy costs and CO2 footprint.

If we bear in mind the price of electric energy, we can see that these savings can amount to up to €30 per year (calculation based on a daily use along one year, with an average price of €700/MWh, average price for Belgium, France, Germany and Netherlands, from the Nord Pool Group on August 26th, 2022). Example: 24 cm frying pan on ceramic hobs, using an average power, compared with 24 full aluminium frying pan with full induction. This way, in less than one year, you will recoup the price of your frying pan, and you will be saving energy and money every time you use it.

Certification tests. How we do it.

Vitrinor has endorsed these findings with different standardized tests carried out jointly by SGS and Bureau Veritas. During the tests, there were simulated both frying and cooking conditions, with medium and high power, and comparing the results obtained from Vitrinor's eco-enamelled steel with aluminium (cast, forged, and stamped) and stainless steel pieces.

Under all the conditions tested, Vitrinor's eco-enamelled steel has proved to be the most efficient product, with savings of up to 50%.

These tests, endorsed by qualified companies, are easy to do at home. You only need to cook under the same conditions, and you will see that the eco-enamelled steel pieces heat up faster, allowing you to cook while keeping the same quality.

Many more advantages of eco-enamelled steel

In addition to saving money, with eco-enamelled steel, you will have many more benefits in your kitchen.

Vitrinor's eco-enamelled steel pieces are designed for long life. They are resistant and do not scratch easily. In addition, when you cook at medium power, you are taking care of your cookware, make it last longer and keep it in the best conditions for your recipes.

They are also PFOA-free and have a non-stick coating that allows you to cook with less oil and fat. Additionally, the enamel we use is made with 100% natural clays and remains unalterable thanks to being subjected to temperatures of up to 840º C.

And that is not all. When you choose Vitrinor you are also choosing to take care of the environment. At Vitrinor we are committed to recycling. In recent years, we have managed to reduce water consumption by up to 70%, reuse more than 150 tonnes of cardboard, recover more than 9 tonnes of plastic, and reuse 3,000 tonnes of steel, the equivalent to 13 statues of liberty!

In addition, we are a cooperative made up of 400 workers who live in the area surrounding our factory in Guriezo (Cantabria). We also care about our environment, promoting the consumption of 0Km products and collaborating with different social organizations.

Now is your moment to save with eco-enamelled steel. We are waiting for you!